The Testament

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The Testament is the story of Troy Phelan, his will, and the struggle over the distribution of his estate. Troy commits suicide and leaves behind a controversial will. The estimated value of his assets at the time of his death was approximately eleven billion dollars. The will leaves nearly all of his assets to his illegitimate daughter, Rachel. Because of this, the will is perceived as offensive by his other children who are quick to contest it. They are encouraged to do so by their selfish lawyers, most notably Hark Gettys, who earn generous hourly fees for each hour they spend in court haggling over the will. At the time of her father’s death, Rachel was a missionary living amongst the Ipica Indians deep inside the Pantanal region of Brazil in South America. To notify her of her father’s gift, a semi-retired lawyer, Nate O’Riley, was sent to find her.


Kode Buku: bim028

Judul Buku: The Testament

Pengarang: John Grisham

Penerbit: Island Book,

Tgl/Thn Terbit: 1999

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