In the Hour Before Midnight

Rp 40.000

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Stacey Wyatt knows the power of the Mafia. He has seen what its brutal vengeance and sinister corruption can do. But when he is broken out of prison and brough to Sicily, his only choice is to enter the Mafia’s shadowy world of treachery and death.

His was a simple job – rescue the daughter of a wealthy businessman from the Sicilian bandit who had kidnapped her. The money was big, and the risk was worth it.

But it’s only when he’s in too deep that he realizes the tables have turned, the job was a setup, and the only person left to trust is himself.


Kode Buku: bim030

Judul Buku: In the Hour Before Midnight

Pengarang: Jack Higgins

Penerbit: Berkley,

Tgl/Thn Terbit: 2000

Berat Buku : 0.25 kg
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