Death Comes as the End

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The novel is primarily written from the perspective of Renisenb, a young widow reacquainting herself with her family when her father Imhotep, a successful but pompous and short-sighted mortuary priest, brings a new “wife”, Nofret, into their lives. Nofret soon disrupts and antagonises Imhotep’s sons – Yahmose, Sobek and Ipy – as well as their wives. Renisenb realises the housekeeper Henet, while feigning devotion, is full of hatred. She eventually confronts Henet, who in a fit of pique admits she hates Renisenb and hated Renisenb’s long-deceased mother.

After Imhotep is called away, Satipy and Kait, the elder sons’ wives, try to bully Nofret with tricks, but the plan backfires when Nofret appeals to Imhotep and he threatens to disown his sons and their families upon his return. Suddenly everyone has a motive to kill Nofret and when she is found dead at the foot of a cliff, an accident seems unlikely, although no one will acknowledge anything else.


Judul Buku: Death Comes as the End

Pengarang: Agatha Christie

Penerbit: Pocket,

Tgl/Thn Terbit: 1987

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